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fake movies: post-canon, post-apocalyptic fix-it for annie

"An asteroid hit the Earth and that’s canon, no question about it. But what you didn’t know is that the Study Group survived the blast by hiding in The Eleven Herbs & Space Experience van (convenient, but good convenient, not like ‘Indiana Jones’ fridge in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ convenient) and then remade themselves in the post apocalyptic wasteland, turning Greendale into a safe haven where everyone dresses like the extras in Mad Max. Still a comedy at its core but darker and edgier, kinda like a gritty Nolan version of the original. It may be reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow, but it’s actually more like Zombieland without the zombies or Bill Murray, who couldn’t be reached to play a part in this production.” - Excerpt from the journal of Abed Nadir, Co Founder of the Independent Greendale Republic, to be added to the audio commentary of the movie he is planning on shooting once Hollywood is rebuilt.

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get to know me meme | 10 Favourite TV Shows → Community

"Our school may be a toilet, but it’s our toilet. Nobody craps in it but us."

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#this is the greatest episode of tv that has ever aired in the history of humankind  

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Favorite character meme-Annie Edison and four friendships: Abed Nadir

AE-Then why didn’t you leave?
AN-Because you asked me to stay and you said we were friends.

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community meme - [5/10 episodes] - pillows and blankets

First entry in my stupid journal. Today I had to run and get two imaginary friendship hats from an office. I could have just walked around the corner and then come back, but for some reason I actually went all the way back to where they were supposed to be. One was crumpled up a bit. That was Troy’s. The other was a little dusty. That was Abed’s. I fixed them up, even though I was the only one watching, because I settled on a truth today that’s always going to be true. I would do anything for my friends, which I think is how everyone in the world feels, which finally makes me understand war.

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make me choose
agentkatztroy or abed troy and abed.

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Community Meme | Eight Characters
  [6/8] Shirley Bennett

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