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okay, really fucking pleased that elena called the salvatores out

for fuck’s sake stop trying to fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed.

seriously, even stefan needs the cure more than elena does. she at least doesn’t lose complete control every time she gets near blood. every single vampire has had their switch flicked at some point, and they all get it turned back on eventually. why is it the end of the world that it happened to elena? specially since she’s running from some pretty intense emotions.

or, you know, you can use it to kill silas. most dangerous guy around.

don’t use it to force someone to face the fact that her entire family is dead. don’t use it to to get a clarification on whether or not a girl really truly likes you.

i know, i know, drinking blood is awful. but maybe she likes being super powerful and immortal. specially since pretty much all of her friends can live forever. 

just grow the fuck up and let elena make her own decisions. 

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so, in a new first, vampire diaries might have made me cry tonight.

Silas, you manipulative shit. Get away from my Bonnie.

Bonnie, my poor darling girl. I wish I could hug you. I know you can do it. And that you can best almost anything the other side throws at you. And you’re grieving, but I do hope you realise this is a terrible idea. And then kill Silas for being a manipulative shit. But like, I know it sounds pretty fucking good. Everyone comes back. You reset to before everyone started becoming supernatural and dropping off like flies. But I don’t trust Silas, and I think it’s going to backfire. And I want to see Bonnie burn that motherfucker when she finds out. And I want to get to see Bonnie actually grieve, not have it happen offscreen. 

Elena. Ouch. I’ve been wanting you to turn it off since you became a vamp, but, not like that. You were bloody heartbreaking.

Also, can we kill the sirebond thing? Seriously. We’re still pretending she’s got a relationship with a guy when she has no choice but to do what he says? And all the people who care about her are totally fine with him using that to control how she deals, or doesn’t deal, with the death of her last relative? Our emotions are our own and we have the right to feel them, for fucks sake. And while I’m usually not okay with burning down houses, what she said made sense, and she still went through with it 10 minutes later. Except now she can’t feel anything. Maybe that means her love of Damon is gone, and the sirebond will be broken by it’s temporary absence?

But hey, Matt’s alive! And still human! And crying alone in his truck because one of his friends is dead. And one of his friends is dealing with this by plotting to kill 12 people to raise thousands of blood thirsty vamps. And another is dealing by burning her house to the ground, after clinging to his rotting corpse for I don’t know how long. And he doesn’t know how to deal, because fuck he’s tired of everyone dying and god they’re all just kids. Even Bonnie and Elena and Caroline. They might be supernatural creatures, but they’re only 18 years old. They’re in high school (though lol they’ve prolly failed due to lack of attendance by now), meant to be going off to college next year. And instead of studying, they’re constantly burying family and friends. 

And I think everyone is just hitting their breaking point at the moment. Even Caroline, who wasn’t as central to this episode. Who is looking for someone to lean on, because everyone here is broken, and she needs to be strong for them, because she doesn’t have a claim to Jeremy, not like the others do, and this grief isn’t hers and isn’t about her. But she’s still hurting. Like everyone else. And the person she turns to, and leans on, is gone. Maybe forever. And she can’t get through to him. 

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week || favourite non magical moment

bonnie’s reunion with her mother after fifteen years apart, 3x12

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week || favourite outfit

50s Decade Dance, 1x12

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week || favourite magical moment

so there are so many wonderful magical moments with bonnie, but this one won out for me for a couple of reasons. this was not something she did because someone was being threatened, or because supernatural creatures were pressuring her, but because she decided of her own volition to do this. she’s not risking her life for elena or damon or stefan or someone else who seems to mostly disregard her, she’s doing this for jeremy gilbert, who has been on her side again and again. who has chosen to protect bonnie’s life even when it might mean his sister’s. and she’s doing the impossible. jeremy is dead, from a bullet shot right through his very human heart by a very human policewoman. and by all the laws of magic, in pretty much every world, including the world of mystic falls, he has to stay dead. but this simply isn’t acceptable to bonnie, and she’s got enough power to do something about it. and so she brings jeremy back to life and the only side effect is that he can see ghosts. 

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